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New business owners often feel that if they've seen one shipping container, they've seen them all. Once these owners get involved in national and international supply chains, however, they begin to realize that something as simple as shipping containers can be quite complex. There are thousands of varieties, ranging from small 10-foot moving units to containers that span hundreds of feet. PriceWise Containers is an experienced vendor that can help you if you need custom shipping containers.

You can request an online quote or contact a PriceWise Containers salesperson by phone to get the process started. Many businesses rent containers from PriceWise or purchase pre-owned units to cut down on their overhead costs. You can also buy new shipping containers shipped from suppliers in Asia to ensure long-term structural integrity.

Shipping Containers Adjusted for Your Business

One of the major issues associated with shipping is keeping sensitive products fresh during transit. You can purchase custom shipping containers from PriceWise Containers for your specific needs. Refrigeration units in 20- and 40-foot varieties are available for special temperature requirements. Products can easily be frozen, heated or kept at a steady temperature using intuitive electrical controls.

The technical staff at PriceWise Containers is also capable of modifying a shipping container to fit your design aesthetic. Steel doors are popular for clients that want extra security and durability for repeated shipping experiences. Skylights, windows or roll-up doors can be added if you use your shipping containers to help your company load up materials quickly.
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