Shipping Storage Containers...
In order to move your products to customers and retailers, you need to have reliable shipping tools. Your fleet of storage containers needs to pass inspection of highway patrols within the United States as well as dock inspectors on the international level. Many providers of storage containers provide inexpensive storage options that deteriorate over time to the point where they cannot be used for shipping. PriceWise Containers only supplies top-notch storage units that have been tested for durability.

This California-based wholesaler has connections with Asian suppliers that have decades of shipping experience. The PriceWise consulting staff can help you build an attractive lease or purchase package that will help you expand into new markets. You can find 20-foot and 40-foot containers through this company in a variety of dimensions to meet your changing storage needs.

Adjust Shipping Storage Containers to Anticipate Future Needs

Your choices at PriceWise Containers can help you build a dynamic supply chain. You can purchase a small number of pre-owned refrigerated units for products that need to be heated or cooled at a certain temperature during shipping. Used shipping containers are also available with modifications from past owners still included to help you cut down on the total purchase price.

You can also turn a plain new container into a personalized unit with a detailed request to the PriceWise staff. Exterior painting through in-house technicians can help you keep your storage containers uniform with your company color scheme. You can also purchase windows, skylights and interior painting to deal with anticipated shipping issues in the future.
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