Used Cargo Containers...

Refurbished and pre-owned equipment has become a necessity for small businesses that are looking for low startup costs. Machinery that is certified as fully functional but has a few years of service can cost less for entrepreneurs like you in the short term. While the promise of lower sticker prices is enticing, you need to do your research and find the best used equipment dealers before you make an investment.

You can cut hundreds of dollars off of your storage costs by purchasing used containers from PriceWise Containers. The inventory of pre-owned containers available through PriceWise Containers is unparalleled on the West Coast. You can find the right used storage container for your business in a matter of minutes by contacting the company's sales consultants.

Flexible Options with Your Used Cargo Containers

A phone call or email to PriceWise Containers will show you the breadth of options available to you. Simple storage needs can be fulfilled by purchasing a used container in its present condition, including modifications made by the previous owner. You can move a new line of products on a global scale by leasing a large number of containers over a short period. Financial agreements on used containers through PriceWise are adjusted to your budgetary constraints.

The company's top-flight technicians can turn a used cargo container into a versatile cargo unit. You can keep different products separate from one another with durable partitions. Electrical systems and ventilation units are available for customers who need to regulate the interior climate during storage or shipping. Cargo containers can be painted by the PriceWise staff to meet your company's branding scheme.

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