Used Freight Containers...
Your daily schedule is filled with meetings, phone calls and trips that are geared toward improving your company's products. The last thing you want to see on your schedule is time spent on purchasing new freight containers or visiting retailers that sell storage units. Freight containers should be a long-term, basic investment that can be taken for granted for years. By purchasing inferior products, however, you may have to make time to figure out nagging freight issues.

The consultants, technicians and salespeople at PriceWise Containers know that each dollar in your budget is precious. Their in-depth knowledge of every used freight container in their inventory means that you can find an inexpensive freight option without a lot of hassle. From your first contact with PriceWise, you will know that you have made the right choice.

Accurate Price Quotes on Used Freight Containers

The PriceWise consultant you speak with will request information about your budget, preferences and custom options. You will receive a quote based on this information, including the costs of leasing and purchasing used freight containers. While this supplier has plenty of new containers, you can cut down on costs with used freight units. Additional cost-cutting measures include accepting units with past modifications and purchasing containers graded for storage instead of shipping for your warehouse.

Customization features are installed at the facilities of PriceWise Containers to ensure quality. Technicians can add a steel door or a set of windows if that is what you require. Lock boxes, partitions and ventilation systems are also available to help you move products more effectively.
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