Used Storage Containers...
The costs of storing and shipping products around the world have become difficult to calculate over the last decade. While you have a recommended sales price for individual products, it can be difficult to assess costs associated with storage containers, taxes and customs fees. You can eliminate worries about the price of storage containers by purchasing used products from PriceWise Containers.

You can find used containers in a variety of sizes, colors and custom functions by contacting the sales staff at PriceWise Containers. The company's inventory is filled with 20-foot and 40-foot one-trippers transported from suppliers in Asia. Used containers are inspected by maintenance professionals and reconditioned when necessary for use by new customers. The savings you get by purchasing a pre-owned storage container can help you defray other costs associated with shipping.

Custom Used Storage Containers

Your storage needs can only be met by customized containers that will stand the test of time. PriceWise Containers has an experienced staff that can modify any container to meet your specifications. Refrigerated containers are available for the transportation of food and other items that are sensitive to temperature swings. You can utilize a powerful refrigeration system to heat, cool or maintain temperature throughout the shipping process.

There are a variety of other options available when purchasing a container from PriceWise Containers. You can request cargo doors that roll up into the roof to avoid swinging doors during the unloading process. Turbine vents and windows can also be installed in a used unit to provide proper ventilation for fresh products.
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