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As a savvy business person, you will quickly encounter the quandary of purchasing storage through retail outlets. Storage companies that sell containers in addition to other storage supplies often apply a markup to their customers in order to increase their profits. You need to determine the major wholesale providers of storage containers to avoid losing money with each transaction involving containment units.

One of the best wholesale container companies on the West Coast is PriceWise Containers. This company has been working with growing businesses and established corporations throughout the world to provide affordable storage options. Sales consultants are available by phone or email to determine how PriceWise can fulfill your business's needs. Negotiable financial contracts and customization options make this Los Angeles-based company an important contact for your company.

Wholesale Storage Containers Built to Unique Needs

The containers in the inventory of PriceWise Containers are shipped from Asian producers that specialize in sturdy industrial containers. You can purchase a brand-new 20-foot shipping unit at a lower price than from other retail outlets, because the inventory ships direct. Or, you can increase your shipping capabilities during a busy time of year using PriceWise Containers's flexible lease program. Most businesses are wisely using their funds to purchase pre-owned wholesale units that are inspected for structural integrity on a regular basis.

Each unit is fully customizable by the PriceWise technical staff. You can request a set of steel doors on both ends of the unit to provide an extra layer of protection for your products. Popular customization options include roll-up doors, partitions and skylights that allow for specialized shipping.
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